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EasyCheck, The most convenient and secure payment solution, Covers all types of payment


Easy and cost - effective marketing, Free loyalty system, mobile advertising and tax refund service


Secure and convenient payment service

All types of payment solutions - offline, online, mobile and etc.

EasyCheck covers not only payment terminal but also every type of payment service
such as POS, payment gateway and smart phone dongle.

Best payment solution provider since 1986

EasyCheck, which has been remaining at the top of the market since established,
has been used by more than a million of merchants.

All Year round secure network system

IT center which is equipped powerful security system, provides year round stable
payment service through industry's first triple server and 24 hour monitoring.

Superior technology, immediate A/S

KICC is the only company which operates own R&D center. KICC R&D center
develops high performance payment terminal with constant research and
development. Also nationwide 250 agencies provide immediate after-sale-service
when you need.

Various marketing service only for EasyCheck user

Easy to use loyalty system - EasyCheck Point

Loyalty system for the merchants using EasyCheck/POS. Simply add
points through mobile phone number.

Gift and loyalty Card - EasyCheck Digital Gift Card

EasyCheck Digital giftcard is available for both gift and loyalty card.
It is good to attract new customers and maintain customer loyalty.

Make free mobile website - EasyCheck HOTMenu

Simply create and edit mobile website through EasyPOS ASP.
The website contains weekly top 10 menu based on real sales data from POS.

Advertising shops on smart phone app - EasyCheck HOTPlace

Easy and smart marketing tool which enables you to advertise your shop
information and to interact with customers.

Raising sales targeted to foreigners - Easy TaxRefund

Attract international customers by offering tax free shopping service.
It is essential to raise sales targeted to foreigners.

Convenience for customers, extra income for merchants - Dynamic Currency Conversion

Dynamic Currency Conversion is currency choice service that allows
customers to pay in their own currency.

Easy & quick checkout for Chinese tourists - Alipay Barcode Payment

Convenient way to pay with instant barcode that includes bank
account information